Woman arrested for using rented children to beg money in Edo state


According to reports, the attention of the Edo State Ministry of Women Affairs was drawn to a woman at Ring Road in the centre of Benin City, Edo state, who is in the habit of using what she claimed to be her children, a set of triplet, to beg for money.

The Edo State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development arrested a young woman simply identified as Chinyere Blessing, from Enugu state who uses rented children to beg for money.

The Enugu State indigene was arrested on Thursday and taken to the office of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, and upon searching her, a total of ₦104,240 was recovered from her.


Upon further investigation by the police of Family Unit, State CID, and after obtaining a full confession from the ringleader, the real mothers of two of the children were found and arrested at their hotel room in Benin City

The woman’s arrest has sparked an online debate, some people said what the woman did is part of the reasons they don’t give beggars money, while others share their own thoughts.

Read some comments below;

One of the thousand reasons I find it hard to give beggars money.. Like the 2 in my area, those guys will be on the floor hammering beans & bread while I pass gently to hustle with empty belle.. With food in their mouth they’ll still be begging smh!

Chai na wa o… why people dey like this na? We dont even know the real beggars on the street anymore

Is this the problem of Nigeria ? Rented right ? The person rent pikin give am to do bizz, agreed and paid for so why arresting her ? Una give her money ?

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They all have confessed to the crime and admitted to this being their fourth trip to Benin for their illicit business.


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