Invitation to Optimist Mattx music label and unveiling of Artist


Greetings to the General public we hope you are having a nice day. We are pleased to invite you to the ground opening of this great and new music label “Optimist Mattx” Entertainment and the unveiling of her wonderful and ONELGA most talented artists dated to take place on the 18th of March, 2018 in P.F Golden Hotel Omoku, ONELGA, Rivers state.

We promise you a maximum Entertainment as you will be Entertained with highly rated Artists from all grounds of Entertainment ranging from; Music, Comedy, Dancers and many more.

Optimist Mattx Artist

  1. Vicmiz
  2. Oz

Performing Artists

  1. Splendid
  2. Spencer
  3. Flame ice
  4. Tupat
  5. Vj Fresh
  6. YungBlaze
  7. Victor Jay
  8. Chacha
  9. Koveh
  10. SKP
  11. Izylaugh

Yes, You have not seen the best yet, there is more.


  1. Reallest nation
  2. Fantastic Dancers
  3. Temple Nice
  4. General Osabo
  5. Sir Waths
  6. Mc One Mind
  7. LG castle
  8. Swix Main
  9. Titans e.t.c

You Can’t possibly miss this. For more information, contact us Optimist Mattx on: 07066100034.

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