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Here’s Calm Down by Burna Boy, a lovely tune off his outside album. This will surely make your day. Take your time to check on this new tune for oluwa burna.

Explore my open sea Let my emotions see If i should stumble off my feet

I hope that no one sees I know, no one can save us (no) So i just put all my pain and my problems in this Styrofoam cup And drink it all away So here we go Feeling so good (so good) (listen) Got me moving in slow motion (listen) I’m trying to walk on top of the ocean I numb the pain Numb the pain Numb the pain As the sun shine on me (on me) Oh Lord of his mercy J five My baby say she wonder why i’m not around more And is she getting what she came for Wonder why i’m laughing all out for I’m high baby That’s the sound when i’m inside you And now i got you singing high notes My doctor got something for you To get on my level And make you calm down Calm down You have fi calm down My baby calm down Calm down Cause if I start now, i no go calm down Mi nah calm down Solid like my granny Solid like my daddy Life-lo these ain’t for me So don’t worry about what i’m drinking I’m popping molly’s in public Bet they wish they’d never given me money Cause i won’t believe anything you tell me I don’t listen to nobody, don’t tell me Calm down Me nah go calm down It ain’t no calm down Them wan me calm down Calm down Them wan me calm down Me nah go calm down Me nah calm down Calm down Anytime you step inna di compound Get dem look pon me and them get dumbfounded All my bitches with the shits you know they all down I gotta slow down, let them go round Me am quick to let them know how it goes down Even though you know its only right That i put some rum and sprite in a cup and say ayayayayayni Calm down Calm down Calm down I know They don’t wan’t no smoke

DOWNLOAD: Burna Boy – Calm Down

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