Nigeria Football Club, Go Round Fc Wins First Home Match


The Newly promoted side “Go round Football Club” has just won their first home match against Akwa United by 1 Goal is to Nil. A goal which was scored by Adelani A in the 17th minutes. The match was held in Go-round stadium, which is the home field of the go-round football club.

According to a fans Ugochukwu Samuel, who recounted that it was a surprising win to him and others. he said:

who could believe that a newly promoted club like The Go-round football club will win a renounced club like Akwa united. football is full of surprises indeed, because the expected result was either a draw or lose according to my predictions considering that they where just promoted this season, but all the same,We are very much pleased with the result and hope they continue to impress us.

in addiction, The Assistance coach of the victorious team go-round fc Okeychukwu Eluozo also added:

This is football for you, you get three things, a win, a draw or a lose, which ever one you get is as a result of your hard works. my boys gave me a win as expected. we’ve really trained hard lately, the boys have improved very well and their love for this game is growing stronger by the day. i think we are going to be a big treat in this league.

the win brought smile on the faces of the fans and the community. See photos after the cut.

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