BREAKING: Ex Ivorian and Arsenal star,Emmanuel Eboue is dead


Ex Ivorian and Arsenal star, Emmanuel Eboue is dead, he committed suicide after losing all his fortunes to his ex-wife after divorce

Eboue is said to have entered depression after his ex-wife Aurelie were divorced and the court awarded all his fortunes to his wife in a divorce settlement and he was ordered to also give up his house in London to the ex-wife.

Eboue also revealed that he had lost all he had to his wife Aurelie who he claimed also handled his finances, adding that “whatever she told him to sign he signed

Eboue left his expensive car to his wife as well as his newly acquired mansions as he was left with the option of public transport for his transportation and sleeping only on a mattress daily.

According to reports from the police, He was found dead in his sister apartment in North London but he didn’t leave behind a suicidal note.

Eboue made millions of pounds at Arsenal and then more than £1.5million a year at Turkish side Galatasaray.

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