Housewife Impregnated By Hubby’s Best Friend, Says Husband Is Impotent


The love between Danladi Funtuwa, 38, an auto mechanic from Nasarawa and wife Salamatu Maka, came to an end in March 2014 following fertility challenges.

Mr. Francis Kulungu, 35, an indigene of Awe Local Government Area friend to the husband brought havoc into the family’s life when he started dating Funtuwa’s wife.

Speaking to Saturday Sun, Funtuwa, recounted how his marriage ended.

“Owing to the nature of my work as a mechanic, I close very late, but each time I got home after that I would meet him sitting outside and waiting for me or I would be told he had just left,” Funtuwa told our correspondent. “Some of my neighbours who suspected something fishy between them complained to me about the man’s closeness to my wife and wondered aloud what the kind of friend he is, saying he was always visiting and chatting with my wife in her shop.”

Wife said;

“A year after our marriage, we went to Dalhatu Specialist Hospital, Lafia, to carry out some tests to know why I have not conceived. The tests showed that my husband has low and watery sperm count and as a result might not be able to impregnate a woman except something was done about it.

“The hospital treated and certified him fit after six months. Yet, there was no pregnancy. We went back to the hospital and the result certified both of us fit and fertile, yet nothing happened. In March 2017, our marriage was exactly three years old without a child. All my mates in marriage have two children each. I was tired of answering questions from colleagues and friends

“Kulungu, my husband’s friend, is a regular caller at the house and we became friends. When I narrated this problem to him, he showed much concern about it and suggested fertility test for both of us. We did it last year, around May, at the specialist hospital and the result showed that both of us are okay. Since we are very close, I decided to ask him for help by soliciting for sex with him, to ascertain where the problem is since they said my husband and I are okay. At first, he entertained fears but I assured him that it was going to be something confidential and nobody would know about it. After much pressure, he accepted.

“Our first meeting was on April 8, 2017 at Dunami Hotels, Lafia. I footed the hotel bill. We had a marathon session that lasted the better part of the night. I didn’t use any protection because I was ovulating. In the morning before we departed, we had a quickie. It was a parting gift for me and he kissed me goodbye. That month’s end, I missed my period. After that month, I conducted a pregnancy test and it was confirmed positive. I broke the news to Kulungu, he was delighted about it, though he wanted me to abort it. I refused and vowed that I will keep the child.”

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